Investment casting process

investment casting process

History of investment casting

Investment Casting also know as lost wax casting has been practiced for centuries and dates back at least 5000 years. It was used early on for ornaments and statues. In todays world it is used to produce a range of products for many industries such as industrial, agriculture, hardware and the list can go on. The material used in investment casting has also grown over the years and includes carbon steels, stainless steels high alloy steels and many more. You can check our basic material list for more info.

Advantages of investment casting:

  • Investment casting surface finish is generally 3.2 to 6.3 Ra that is much smoother than sand casting or shell molding this means you have a finer detailed parts.
  • Tight tolerances CT3-CT6 and great repeatability are possible so you get more accurate and consistent parts.
  • Aluminum molds can be used for low qty production runs which will save you money.
  • The range of alloys that can be investment cast is very large so you can optimize your parts to take advantage of economical or performance alloys.
  • The parts have superior structure and metallurgical properties.
  • Cost savings are possible because of the complex design that are possible to cast using this process. Also the elimination of many secondary machining operation also reduce costs.
  • Fine details like lettering, logo, slot and holes are easily done with lost wax casting

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